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Sports & Trading Card Grading

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Graded Lugia Silver Tempest

Custom Slab Designer

TGA's Custom Slab Designer ensures that every graded card is special. Match your slab perfectly to the series, set, and colour of your favourite cards.

Graded Vancouver Canucks Hockey Card

Sports Team Colour Match

Proudly rep your team! Dynamic slab color matching available for all NHL, NFL, NBA, and MLB sports cards.

Every Major TCG Supported

TGA's Slab Desiger supports custom labels for all the major TCS, including Magic, Pokemon, Yu-Gi-Oh, Dragon Ball Super, and Digimon.


1) Bring your favourite cards that you'd like graded or protected into the shop.

2) Work with the CG team to design the perfect slabs that match the aesthetic of your collection.

3) Hands-free coordination; we'll take care of shipping, packaging, and coordination with TGA for you. NOTE: Grading Submissions are sent to TGA on the first Monday of each month.

4) Wait 20 Business Days for your card to be graded and authenticated. Psst... This is 10 days quicker than if you went to TGA directly!

5) We'll notify you when your graded packages are ready. Come to the shop and get ready and see how your cards faired!

Why CG x TGA?

TGA Mewtwo Card

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