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MTG: Jumpstart Booster Pack

MTG: Jumpstart Booster Pack

Wizards of the Coast
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It's time for the mashup of the Millenium

  • Grab a friend and open two packs each
  • Combine your packs for a 40-card deck
  • Best of three wins!

Each booster contains 20 cards centered on a theme. What theme each booster contains is randomized, but each themed 20 cards will be sealed inside the pack and labeled.

One in three boosters includes an extra rare. It's loaded with reprints—almost 500! Jumpstart introduces 37 new cards to the game. These will not be Standard-, Pioneer-, or Modern-legal cards. They are legal in Legacy, Vintage, and Commander. It's closely tied to Core Set 2021—they share a lot of content and release near one another—but Jumpstart is a stand-alone product.

All cards are legal in Eternal formats (Legacy, Vintage, and Commander) Every pack includes one basic land with art that matches the pack's theme. A few of them use thematically appropriate lands from M21, but most of them use brand-new themed land art created for Jumpstart.