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[Pre-Order] Pathfinder: 2E War of Immortals (Special Edition)

[Pre-Order] Pathfinder: 2E War of Immortals (Special Edition)

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Expected Release Date: October 15th, 2024

Go Beyond Legendary!

A god has been slain and nothing shall ever be the same again! As war and destruction spread across the world, new heroes must rise to the occasion and take arms to protect its mortal inhabitants. Two brand new classes provide new ways to engage with mythic themes—lay claim to your own spark of divinity and charge into battle as a mighty exemplar, or call upon the power of spiritual allies as a wise animist. Alongside these new classes are rules for running mythic games, archetypes for playing legendary characters, and a wide array of new items, spells, and monsters to tell stories straight out of myth and legend—but which fit perfectly into the remastered Pathfinder rules! Claim the power of the gods and battle the Universe’s most fearsome foes with War of Immortals!

The ideal resource for players and GMs looking to take a legendary step beyond the core rules, Pathfinder War of Immortals includes:

  • Two new classes, the spiritual animist and the deific exemplar
  • New feats and lineages for nephilim characters
  • 5 new class archetypes including the avenger rogue archetype and the bloodrager barbarian archetype
  • Rules for mythic play
  • 9 mythic destinies, including the fearsome apocalypse rider and the undying eternal legend
  • New weapons, items, and spells for mythic characters
  • 8 terrifying new mythic monsters and rules for creating mythic threats of your own!

This deluxe special edition is bound in faux leather with metallic deboss cover elements and a bound-in ribbon bookmark.

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