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DBS Masters: Beyond Generations [DBS-B24] Booster Box

DBS Masters: Beyond Generations [DBS-B24] Booster Box

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The "Unison" cards from the UW series are getting a power-up as the new ZCard... "Z-Unison"! Further expanding the range of Z-Card play!

The heart of the game, the leader card, finally comes in a low pull rate – Alt-Art version!
Experience the cool and gorgeous leader card designs with different illustrations and specifications!

Inclusion of the "GOD Rare" card! A low pull rate card that always creates a great response from users! Finally, that long-awaited card is included as GDR...!

DBSCG's card design has been partially updated to a simpler, more sophisticated, modern design! DBSCG as you have never experienced before is now here!


  • Common × 60

  • Uncommon × 30

  • Rare × 29

  • Super Rare × 18

  • Special Rare × 14

  • Secret Rare × 3

  • God Rare × 1

  • Special Leader Rare × 9