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MTG Commander Deck: The Brothers' War (Mishra's Burnished Banner)

MTG Commander Deck: The Brothers' War (Mishra's Burnished Banner)

Wizards of the Coast
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Retro-Frame Commander Decks

Travel back in time with an entire deck of Retro-Frame cards!

Every card in The Brothers’ War Commander Decks is Retro-Frame and full of historical artifacts that may save the future of the Multiverse.

Witness history in the making with battle strategies led by the legendary brothers themselves.

Mishra’s Burnished Banner (Blue-Black-Red): Summon Mishra and wring every drop of value out of your disposable artifacts. Copy your sacrificial cards for massive advantage and win the war with one of your colossal creatures!

Meet the Legend

For years, Mishra labored in his older brother’s shadow. This tension would later lead to war—a war Mishra was determined to win no matter what. A talented artificer in his own right, Mishra oversaw the production of legions of machines designed to destroy his oh-so-perfect sibling. Mishra’s beliefs are clear: win the war at any cost.