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MTG Commander Deck: The Brothers' War (Urza's Iron Alliance)

MTG Commander Deck: The Brothers' War (Urza's Iron Alliance)

Wizards of the Coast
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Retro-Frame Commander Decks

Travel back in time with an entire deck of Retro-Frame cards!

Every card in The Brothers’ War Commander Decks is Retro-Frame and full of historical artifacts that may save the future of the Multiverse.

Witness history in the making with battle strategies led by the legendary brothers themselves.

Urza’s Iron Alliance (White-Blue-Black): Wield the power of master artificer Urza and construct an unbeatable army of artifact creatures. Upgrade your forces with spells that power up artifacts and slowly but surely take over the game.

Meet the Legend

Urza is a legend across Dominaria, both cursed and revered. Long, long ago, Urza waged war with his brother, Mishra, and nearly destroyed his home plane in the process. A master of machines, he created an entire army with a relentless focus: victory.